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Enviro-Clean Equipment is an authorized dealer for SPECIMEN1

The amazing Ravo 5-Series street sweeper has the highest proven uptime against the lowest lifetime costs in the market! This sweeper is designed to perform. Receive a clean street in one pass, no matter what the conditions are!

Amazing Performance!

  • Maintenance-friendly broom system; no greasing required, extended broom life by 50%.
  • Self-Cleaning hopper thanks to ingenious water inlet.
  • No fuss: just hop in and drive; Handles and switches logically arranged.
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Uses nearly half the fuel (25% – 50% savings)
  • Cost less than any twin engine on the market!

Some features & options include:

  • A high payload of 12,125 lbs. (6.5 cy Stainless Steel container).
  • Dumping height of 5’ to dump in containers.
  • Water recycling: Double your action radius and reduce dust emission at the same time.
  • PM 10 dust emission.
  • Sweeping path: 79” to 126”
  • Turning circle of only 20 ft.
  • Wanderhose (to suck up leaves or empty gullies)
  • Third broom / weed cutter
  • Silent Package: 66 dB at 50 ft. distance
  • Washer System: Cleans road and pavements with high pressure water.

The Oregonian newspaper did a feature story on the City of Portland’s purchase and use of the Ravo sweeper. The article noted how the Ravo picks up patches of leaves and other debris that traditional sweepers have struggled to collect. Also, how the City of Portland bought this sweeper to sweep hard to reach places, and how it maneuvers between curbs and planters with ease. The article also points out how it cost less than the City’s other sweepers. See this article.

Let Enviro-Clean Equipment demonstrate to you the power and efficiency of this remarkable street sweeper! Save time and money for your city, just like City of Portland did.

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